A little about me

After working for over two decades as a graphic designer, I can honestly say I’d do it all over again. I love what I do and I never lose the enthusiasm I feel when approaching each project. Whether you may be needing to develop a new identity system, create print collateral material or even require digital assets – I’d love to help. 

After graduating from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) I began my design career with experience at several different companies. I then landed at a successful agency in Boston that specialized in corporate collateral and annual report design. It was a wonderful time – working with big budgets, art directing photo shoots, and overseeing large print runs. I worked with clients such as The Gillette Company, Fleet Bank and MIT. 13 years later I left as a Creative Director and Senior Associate, and grateful for so much growth and experience. 

At that point, newly married and starting a family, I began working more on my own and held some long-term freelance positions. This was great as I was exposed to many new clients and a wider variety of projects. Eventually a freelance gig led to a full-time position with GYK, where I stayed for over eight years. Working for a larger creative agency helped me engage with some amazing clients and to learn more about all aspects of advertising. 

These days I am now enjoying working remotely and being more independent. I pride myself on quick turnarounds and responsiveness with those that I work with, whether it’s directly with a client, or through an agency. I am open to new projects and hope that you’ll get in touch if you could use a hand.